Honestly, we are terrible at describing ourselves. But we are very good at that precise thing that led us to create Open. Respect and elevate the proximity product, transforming it while still preserving its essence. In fact, it's what we do best.


That is why when four years ago someone told us that the corner chosen for the restaurant had a deficient transit of people, and the area was tough for commerce, with no easy parking and and poor views from across the street, we just said: «Yes, that place is perfect, right next to the market place». Lucky for us.

the kitchen

Simple cooking but not plane. Complex but not complicated. We offer a gastronomic around a seasonal menu, high quality market products and elaborations made to respect its very essence. Also, we believe in an honest and open kitchen, so that is exactly what we do: open it up for you. In fact, if you want, you can eat at the bar and watch how we prepare our dishes. You can ask for it when you make your reservation.

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the wine

Someone told us once that the best wine is the one you like the most when you taste it. That’s the only thing that matters. And this person was right, and wrong at the same. There are many other things to consider. That is why most of the wines in our selection come from projects committed to the environment and sustainable agriculture. This is the only way to create a wine list full of excellent choices.

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33/35 Studio

Artisan ice cream

Masía El Altet

Extra virgin olive oil

Huevos Yolanda
Mercado Central de Alicante

Fresh eggs

De Carne's

Mercado Central de Alicante

Selected meats

Antonio Ivorra

Mercado Central de Alicante

Cheeses and sausages


Mercado Central de Alicante



Mercado Central de Alicante

Prawn, shrimp and cuttlefish

La Alacena

Mercado Central de Alicante



Mercado Central de Alicante

Razor clams, clams and mussels

El Gironés

Mercado Central de Alicante

Vegetables & fruits

Llobell Pesca


Fish and seafood

the product

Right straight from the market, seasonal and honest. Because offering you artichokes, mussels or truffles when the right artichokes, mussels or truffles aren’t available is like lying to your face. Or even worse, lying to your taste.